Founded in 1772, the No. 1 manufacturer of soybean miso and tamari soy sauce.

Ichibiki’s Approach

Our Quality Policy

■Our Quality & Food Safety Policies
“With the customer always in mind, our staff exercise resourcefulness and ingenuity in crafting, the safe and reliable products our customers have selected.”

■Company-wide Quality & Food Safety Objectives
1.By implementing our company’s basic policies of “Quality First”, “Customer Dedication”, and “Employee Satisfaction”, we deliver our customers with safe and reliable products, reasonable prices, and trustworthy service.
2.By complying with the relevant laws and regulations and meeting the requirements for the ISO9001 and ISO22000 certifications, we ensure the safety of food products for the entire supply chain and continuously work to improve the effectiveness of this process.
3.Utilizing all channels of communication, we establish separate annual plans for the company and each department based on external and internal challenges, the demands and expectations of customers and other concerned parties, and the strategic direction of the company at large. These policies and objectives

Placing quality first, we ensure safety and reliability.

From the acquisition of raw ingredients to the delivery of products at our customers’ stores, we make sure to verify each operational step and comply with the relevant laws for all production processes in order to ensure product safety. Particularly for our main raw ingredients, we have established our own rigid standards for inspecting concerns such as residual agricultural chemicals and genetic modifications, and we carry out regular inspections, fully-equipped with the necessary analytical facilities and technologies.

Acquisition of ISO9001 for the Entire Ichibiki Group and ISO22000 for all Ichibiki Factories.

In order to deliver delicious products that are safe and reliable, we have acquired the appropriate certifications and work at actively carrying out increased safety and hygienic management along with environmental awareness.

About Soybean Miso

Soybeans comprise the main raw ingredient for soybean miso.
Soybean miso is noted for its dark color, rich flavor and astringent taste.
It is rich in protein and compared to miso made from rice or barley, contains a higher amount of the umami component glutamine.
The miso soup found in Kaiseki cuisine (traditional Japanese haute cuisine) and made from soybean miso is called “aka-dashi” or red miso soup.

About Tamari Soy Sauce

Using soybeans for its main raw ingredient, this soy sauce is known for having a richer flavor and aroma and darker color than other soy sauces.
Given its capacity for easing the smell of raw fish and meat, it is used for eating sushi and sashimi and has been called “sashimi tamari” since long ago.

About Our Gluten-free Soy Sauce

Ichibiki’s gluten-free soy sauce is made entirely from genetically-unmodified unprocessed soybeans. Absolutely no wheat is used in this product.
Brewed from unprocessed soybeans and salt, this is a “whole soybean soy sauce”.
Try out the rich umami flavor that is the essence of soybeans, while at the same time enjoying a worry-free soy sauce for those with wheat allergies. Ichibiki’s naturally brewed gluten free soy sauce is in compliance with gluten free food standard
code of UK and USA.

About Our Products

  • Miso

    Indispensable to Japanese cooking, this is our cup and bag-packaged miso. With “Kondate Iroiro Miso”, you can easily prepare miso cuisine simply by adding this to your dish. We also produce products such as our “instant miso soup” which can be prepared by just adding hot water.

  • Soy Sauce

    Not limited to koikuchi (dark) soy sauce and usukuchi (light) soy sauce, we also offer various other sauces such as our tamari soy sauce and wheat-free soy sauce, which use soybeans as the main raw ingredient, as well as a “sealed bottle sauce” that has preserved the soy sauce’s true flavor.

  • Tsuyu Sauce

    With condiments such as our “Kondate Iroiro Tsuyu”, you can easily prepare your meals with only a single bottle of sauce.
    Our “men tsuyu sauce” is perfect for somen and soba noodles.
    We also produce other items such as our “just for vegetables condiments” which enhance the flavor of vegetables.

  • Nabe (hot pot) Tsuyu Sauce

    Essential for winter eating, nabe (hot pot) cuisine can be easily made with our “nabe tsuyu sauce”. We offer a number of flavors such as our sukiyaki dipping sauce and miso-flavored nabe tsuyu sauce.

  • Food Products

    We offer various soybean products such as our “Japan-grown boiled soybeans”. Essential for celebratory occasions, try our “sekihan okowa” (glutinous rice steamed with red adzuki beans). We also produce other products such as our “zenzai” (red bean soup with adzuki beans) made from adzuki beans grown in Tokachi, Hokkaido.

  • Amazake (sweet sake) and Koji (malted rice)

    High enough in nutritional value to be called “a drinkable IV drip,” our amazake is made from a combination of rice and malted rice. Used as a replacement for salt, our shio koji (malted rice fermented in salt) carries a tenderizing effect for meat.