Founded in 1772, the No. 1 manufacturer of soybean miso and tamari soy sauce.

Company Profile

Founded 1772
Capital 390 million yen
Employees 600
President Koichiro Nakamura
Headquarters 1-11-6 Shinoto, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-shi, AICHI
Business Manufacture and sale of miso, instant miso soup, soy sauce, tamari soy sauce, tsuyu sauce,
mirin processed goods, soybean processed foods, rice-related foods, side dishes, etc.
Tokyo, Gunma, Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture), Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture),
Hiroshima, Osaka, Fukuoka, Shizuoka, Sapporo (Hokkaido Prefecture),
Sendai (Miyagi Prefecture)

The History of Ichibiki

1772 Began brewing operations for miso and tamari soy sauce in Toyohashi
1911 Established a factory at Goyu in Toyokawa City (now Factory 1) and completed the “Josan Oke”
tank, Japan’s leading miso preparation tank
1914 Established a factory at Takayokosuka in Tokai City (now Factory 2)
1919 Established a factory in Toyohashi (now Factory 3)
1963 Became a JAS-certified factory for soy sauce
1985 Established a new factory for food products at Factory 2
Acquired ISO9001 certification for the entire Ichibiki Group
2001 Established a new factory for tsuyu sauce at Factory 2
2009 Acquired Kaneka Foods Corporation as a subsidiary
2012 Acquired ISO22000 certification for all Ichibiki factories
2016 Established Ichibiki farm


Ichibiki Co., Ltd. began brewing miso and tamari soy sauce in 1772 (the 1st year of the An’ei era) through funding from the Japanese Shogunate. Since then, with the “heart of brewing” (best quality, ingenuity and planning) firmly in mind, we at Ichibiki have worked to provide our customers with products that leave them deliciously satisfied. By applying the technology for miso and tamari soy sauce production, we have undertaken the development of various other condiments and food products as well, and thanks to the support of our many customers, Ichibiki was able to celebrate its 245th year of operations in 2017.
From here on, we will continue implementing our comprehensive customer-oriented business approach.
We at Ichibiki hope to deliver our customers with products that fill their tables with laughter, deliciousness, happiness and smiles and will continue working to contribute to a healthy nutritional lifestyle for our customers from this point forward.

President and Representative Director Koichiro Nakamura

The Origin of Ichibiki

Ichibiki’s trademark is said to derive from the soybean purchasing taking place in Hokkaido from the end of the Meiji era to the Taisho era (around 1912).
At the time, in order to inspect the quality of soybeans, an iron half-cylinder known as a “sashi” was inserted into a straw sack to extract the beans, after which, the fine quality soybeans were separated from poor quality ones and marked for shipping.
As our shipping mark then was “one neatly pulled bar”, we came to be called “one pull” or “Ichibiki”. This, in turn, became the name of our current company and the basis of our trademark.

Josan Oke

Conceptualized by our first president Keizo Nakamura in 1911, this preparation tank was a ground-breaking discovery, overturning the conventional wisdom of the time.
With a height and diameter of approximately 3.9 meters and a capacity of roughly 50 tons, this was one of Japan’s greatest preparation tanks, and it made the mass production of quality miso a reality. More than 100 years later, our Josan Oke tank is still being used today and quietly passes on the spirit of our “heart of brewing” (quality, ingenuity and planning) which has existed since our founding.